A No-Code IoT Solution for Reliable Brewing


Fathym has worked with a number of breweries that have experienced difficulties with their brewing operations and were looking for a solution to accurately monitor their equipment and ensure reliability. 


“You saved us a whole day of brewing! If we didn’t have the alert and we didn’t come in to check Sunday or Monday, we would have walked in to cold water today. And it takes so long to heat up that we wouldn’t have been able to brew at all today, which messes up the whole week!”

– Director of Operations at Crazy Mountain Brewery, Denver, Colorado


Data Flow Manager


The Fathym Framework, along with Fathym's sensor installation expertise, has enabled us to develop a solution that can add a significant level of insight and reliability to brewing:


  1. Rapidly configure an entire IoT infrastructure and create emulated data sets so breweries can ascertain the device data needed to optimize brewing operations and ensure ROI.
  2. Install an infrared IRUSB temperature sensor to monitor furnace and glycol temperature.
  3. Utilize Fathym’s no-code tools to configure custom alerts, so brewery staff can be notified when temperatures or liquid levels drop too low or get too high.
  4.  Customizable, mobile-friendly, real-time data dashboards for brewery staff to check on temperatures and levels remotely at all times.

To learn more on how Fathym can save breweries thousands of dollars in time and lost product, download our case study here.

Brewery Case Study