Future Proof Computing

Fathym has developed an innovative application development framework to enable software developers, subject matter experts and business users to rapidly and collaboratively build diverse data applications. The framework utilizes open source tools and an open data architecture enabled by microservices that seamlessly integrate with technology stacks to future-proof innovations.


Transforming the Future of Software Development

Fathym leapfrogs the current market’s noise and clutter about digital innovation by viewing core application development and workflow automation and orchestration as a unified challenge that can be addressed by a single, scalable solution:

» Innovative platform aggressively leverages open source software tools and a flexible open data architecture, enabling developers to launch solutions faster, with fewer specialists, dramatically reducing the time and cost needed to build new cloud-native applications.

» Technology convergence and innovations allow users and customers to refocus on business challenges, not technology infrastructure management.

» Data application development tools and cloud microservices orchestration platform allow developers to focus on what they want to build, not how they build it.

» Competitive environment is in flux due to piecemeal outdated technologies, incomplete platforms, and vendor lock in.

» Market opportunity is tremendous, robust and growing rapidly – “core tools” sector is a $2 billion+ opportunity with data applications and related services driving an over $1 trillion opportunity.

» Fathym is well positioned to deliver on this growth opportunity; strong culture of innovation and distinct developments.


Fathym is re-defining the evolution of computing and software as a service radically changing the way data applications are developed and deployed, and creating a new market meta-category.

To learn more about Fathym’s low-code framework, download the white paper here.

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