Escaping the Confines of IoT Platforms

Fathym is uniquely positioned at the intersection of these three evolutions: batched, wireless, and embedded. None of their competitors has been able to bend their story away from the supply-side technical development cultures, and this prevents them from clearly seeing this future. Fathym’s value is rooted in helping businesses evolve, not in specific technologies but rather in the network effects of the community and marketplace they’re creating.

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In this white paper by Harbor Research you'll learn about:

  • Fathym's low-code framework for building data applications.
  • How Fathym's open-source architecture keeps data fluid and free. 
  • Structuring your processes with Fathym's Low-Code Units. 
  • Intuitive low-code tools that empower developers to create data applications and IoT solutions. 
  • How Fathym manages infrastructure without wedding users to their system. 
  • How developers can go deeper to modify back-end infrastructure in any way they require. 
  • How your data and business logic remain yours and are portable anywhere. 
  • How enterprises can save at least 60-70% in development time with less resources.