The Big Data Partner to the Pet Industry


pup•eeze, a Colorado-based pet SAAS and wearable startup, needed to define their go-to-market strategy without wasting time and resources. Fathym offered the tools necessary for co-founders Elizabeth Hess and Chelsea Rhoads to rapidly build and test ideas, giving them the flexibility to evolve their solution. Ultimately, what began as a consumer wearable for dogs has developed into something bigger – a Big Data partner to the pet industry. 


“Fathym's low-code framework is an essential tool in our pivot from a B2C model to a B2B model. Now, with the ability to quickly bring in any data set, partners can drag and drop visualizations that are highly digestible and invaluable to the business’s success and quality.”  

– Chelsea Rhoads, CEO, pup•eeze 


Fathym's low-code IoT framework has helped make this transformation possible:


  1. Fathym ingested and aggregated the data from pup•eeze wellness tracker wearables into a customizable dashboard.
  2. Fathym emulated additional datasets, enabling pup•eeze to assess what other data variables might provide value for their partners.
  3. pup•eeze have utilized Fathym's low-code tools to convert older application assets into modular low-code units.


To learn more on how Fathym’s low-code framework has helped pup•eeze carve out a niche in the rapidly growing pet industry, download our case study here.

Pupeeze Dog Cast Study